Agreement of Internet Reservation

Article 1 (Compliance with Agreement of Internet Reservation Rules)
1. Comply Internet Reservation rules below.
2. Do not use Richmond Hotel's Internet reservation system for any commercial purpose.
3. We accept a reservation which guest name is cleared. If the guest name is unclear, we will cancel reservation and
send email of cancellation.
Article 2 (Violation of Agreement of Internet Reservation Rules)
If a user caused damage to the third party or our service, user will not be permitted to use Internet reservation system.
Article 3 (Influence under user's Internet condition)
User will have appropriate a computer system or an Internet connection to use our Internet reservation service.
We do not have any responsibilities if user will use unappropriated computer system or Internet connection.
Article 4 (Conditions of User who use our Internet reservation system)
Only user who agrees and comply with Internet reservation rules when user book rooms by Richmond Hotels
official web site.
Article 5 (Provided service by our Internet system)
Some types of rooms available and can be booked on Richmond Hotel Official Website.
Article 6 (Compliance with Hotel conduct)
Comply Hotel conducts and rules when user will stays room.
Article 7 (Important points to use our Internet reservation system)
Richmond Hotel official Website is not superiority Website than other service, such as booking by phone or other internet
hotel web sites. Thus, in some cases, user can not book rooms if all rooms are fully booked.
Article 8 (User's responsibility)
We do not take any responsivities or lability for any damage or loss caused through our Internet resevation system
except negligence in the performance of our duties.
If a user suffers a loss of third party, please solve problems on user's responsibility.
  • 1. User does not comply the hotel conduct and rules
  • 2. Using hazardous computer programs
  • 3.  Disclosing information of the third party
  • 4. Using computer except for a personal purpose without hotel permission
  • 5. Constituting illegal actions or contravention to the law and regulations
Article 9 (Cancellation and modfy of reservation)
Reservation should be cancelled by responsibilities of user. Contact hotels for cancellation, modify reservation
on that day when user will stay and inquiry via phone.
Article 10 (Cancellation fee)
In case of cancellation, we will request cancellation fee in accordance with our cancellation policy.
Article 11 (Tools that user needs for reservation)
Fulfill these conditions to reserve room
  • 1.  Email address
  • 2.  A personal computer to connect Internet and a printer to printout web page.
Article 12 (Making reservation)
1.  Fill out reservation form on Website to reserve rooms.
2.  In case of any deficiencies on reservation form are found, the reservation will be cancelled.
Article 13 (Changing our Internet system)
We might change the Internet reservation agreement. Any changes will become effective when we post the revised
privacy Statement on the Online Service.
Article 14 (Temperary suspending our Internet reservation system)
We may stop Internet access without a user's permission in case of below:
  • 1. maintenance or update of Internet connection
  • 2. Hotel determines that management of Internet connection might be difficult because of nature hazard
  • 3. Hotel determines that management of Internet connection might be difficult because of management reasons.
Article 15 (Laws of Inernet system)
Our Internet reservation system is obeyed the laws of Japan.
Article 16 (Valid date)
These rules are valid from 1/4/2001.
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