Membership Benefits

Find the LOWEST RATEJoin Richmond Membership Club and Get Rewards!

Richmond Club members will receive the exclusive rate at all Richmond Hotels
and earn Richmond Club points.
The Points will be used toward your room charge and part of our services.

Richmond Club

Members will use New three benefits to the Richmond Club

Members' requests were reflected
in NEW benefits!


    Redeem Your Points

    You need a minimum of 1,000 points to redeem your reward points. Every point equals one yen. Reward points will be used toward your room charge, extension charge, and some part of our services.


    The Lowest Rate

    You will find the lowest rate on Richmond Club member's page on our official web site.
    (Limited time sale on other hotel website, rate of travel agencies are excluded from "the lowest rate.")


    Prior Rooms for members

    There are some prior rooms for members. Check the booking page and choose "member reserve."

NEW benefits

1) Redeem Your Points

You need a minimum of 1,000 points to redeem your reward points. Every point equals one yen. The reward points can be used by 100 points. Reward points can be used toward your room charge, rental charge, a part of parking lot charge and so on.

2) The Lowest Rate to Stay

You are able to find the lowest rate on Richmond Club member’s page on our official website.
(Limited time sale on other hotel websites or rate of travel agencies are excluded from the lowest rate.)

3) Prior Rooms for Members

There are some prior single rooms for members. Check booking page and choose “member reserve.”

4) Redeem Your Points for a Gift

Once you earn 1,000 points, you can exchange them to a 500 yen Royal Group gift certificate which you can use at Royal Group branches.


Earn points up to 10% of your room

You will earn 100 rewards points for every. 1,000 yen spent on room charge when you make a reservation via our official website or telephone. For reservation through other websites and travel agencies, you will earn 300points for every night for stay at Richmond Hotel.


Late Check-out

Members are able to check-out by 12:00pm. In the case of different check-out time with a staying plan, it has priority over members. In addition, parking lot charge is different each Richmond Hotel. Ask each hotel that you have reservation at.


Redeem Your Points for a Reward Certificate

Once you earn 5,000 points, you can exchange them to a 5,000 yen reward certificate which you can use at Richmond Hotels.
Reward Certificate(s) are not valid towards parking and other fees.


Online Reservation Privilege

Members are eligible to make their reservations one month ahead of non-members.


Get 10% Discount at Restaurants of Royal Group

Show your Richmond Club member's card to get a discount of 10% at Royal Group restaurant. Check restaurants they you could get 10% off!

List of Restaurants of Royal Group
Richmond Hotels
Royal Airport Restaurants
Royal Garden Cafe

Join Richmond

Join Richmond Club

Join Richmond Club

Applications forms are available at the front desk at all Richmond Hotels. Enrolling is as easy as simply filling out an application form upon your arrival, during your stay, or as you check-out. we will issue your membership card on the spot and start earing reward point from your initial stay.

Join Richmond Club on Website

You are able to join Richmond Club when you reserve rooms. Choose "Member Reserve" and "Become Richmond Club membership to reserve. " Fill out your information on application form. Membership number and card will be provided at reception desk of
Richmond Hotel that you have reservation at.

How to Redeem Your Points

How to Redeem Your Points

You need a minimum of 1,000 points to redeem your reward points. Every point equals one yen. The reward points can be used by 100 points. Reward points can be used toward your room charge, rental charge, a part of parking lot charge and so on. Points are not redeemable for the third person's stay. Points can be redeemed upon check-in or during your stay. Points cannot be used for upgrading the room or any additional charges.

Points expiration

if the card is inactive for over two years from your stay, all points will expire.

Quick Check-in

You can check-in by simply presenting your membership card and printing your name on the reservation guest registration form.

Regard Certificates: Issue prior to 2007

Please note that all these reward certificates have expired and can't be reissued.

Lost or damaged membership card

If you loose or damage your membership card, please contact the nearest Richmond Hotel or any of your our network hotels.
There will be no reissue fee. Richmond Hotel is not responsible for any loss suffered in as a result of your use, loss or damage of membership cards.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Name
The name of this membership organization is "Richmond Club", is organized
and operated by the management of RNT Hotels Co., Ltd. and
"Richmond Hotels."
2. Membership
After accepting our basic rules, members can individuals that have passed our Third admissions.
3. Application form to join Richmond Club
An applicant, who wishes to become a member, must complete and submit
an application form at the reception desk of Richmond Hotel.
Your membership card will be used as your room key
(expectations on some branches).
4. Admission Fee
Admission fee and annual admission fee are free.
5. Usage of the membership card and reward points
Your reward points will be added upon check-in when you complete the payment
with the check-in machine. Your room number will be printed on your membership
card at the same time. (Expectation on some branches)
If you fail to bring Membership card, points will not be added to your account.
Your membership, membership card, and points balance can be transferred to
our some services.
6. Membership Privilege
Present your membership card for all the available privilege. For more details, please see information at hotel reception desk or
on our official web site.
7. Loss or Cancellation of membership
RNT Hotels Co. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any Richmond Club Membership
and revoke any and all unredeemed Richmond Club reward points collected by
any member for reasons that include, but are not limited to:
  • 1. when member requests to leave Richmond Club
  • 2. when member has diedB38
  • 3. when misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this program are found
  • 4. when address, phone number and other information will be uncleaned
  • 5. Failure to pay for hotel charges commission of fraud abuse involving any portion of this Program.
  • 6. More than one active account per member physical, verbal, or written abuse of hotel or RNT Hotels Co., Ltd
  • 7. Personnel Action, in any other way, to the determined of the Program or any if alliances.
  • 8. Violation of these Terms and Conditions.
8. Change in Registration Information
The cardholder shall be responsible for advising Richmond Hotels or any change
of their details including name, address, and contact details.
9. Lost or Stolen Membership Card
When your card is lost or stolen, please report to the nearest Richmond Hotel
There will be no reissue fee but we do not have any
responsibilities if member will be caused any damages.
10. Handling or Individual Information

1. Collection, possession, and use of individual information

The member needs to accept the three usage of your personal information below.
This is for Richmond Hotels to serve you and also for our operation.
  • 1. Information written in our form: Full name, age, sex, date of birth, main address, main phone number and other descriptions.
  • 2. Situation concerning member's reservation
  • 3. Past reservations history and accumulated points at Richmond Hotels.

2. Usage of personal information

Richmond Hotels will use your individual information for the following purposes:
  • 1. Hotel operation and to provide our service
  • 2. Member's reservation and matters related to check-in
  • 3. Report and guidance to serve you better
  • 4. Notify offers and promotions (We will terminate this service immediately upon request)
  • 5. Marketing purpose and for product development
  • 6. We might hire a sub contract company to help our operation. In situations like this, we will share your information, but your privacy will be secured.

3. Individual information provided to third party

Our privacy policy prohibits us from sharing any of information you provide to us with an individual other than the member himself or a third party.
Expectations to this rule includes and not limited to;
  • 1. Consent from the member directly.
  • 2. Under the law, request from government and municipal office or the statutory board.
  • 3. By request from police on an investigation.
  • 4. To protect ones life, body, or property.

4. Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of individual information.

Members have right to request Richmond Hotels and Network hotels to disclose one’s personal information. If modifications are necessary, we will correct them accordingly and immediately.
11. Changes in Terms and Conditions
RNT Hotels Co., Ltd. Reserves the right to change, limit, modify, or cancel Program
Terms and Conditions (Including the number of Richmond Club reward points issued for a qualifying stay), regulations, benefits, conditions or participation and rewards in whole or part at any time, even though changes may affect the value of points or rewards already accumulated. You will be bound by any such changes.
Any such changes will be shown in these Terms and Conditions on the Web site and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise.
12. Termination of Richmond Club
Richmond Club may terminate its service after an announcement on our official web site. September, 2007 admissions