Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I miss my arrival date?
If you do not arrive at the hotel on your scheduled arrival date, cancellation policies will apply.
Check Hotel Rules page.
How can I modify or cancel a reservation?
Reservation via Phone:
Call a hotel that you have a reservation

Reservation via Official WEB Site:
Check Amend or Cancel Your reservation.

Reservation via other WEB site:
Visit the WEB site that you made a reservation and modify or cancel 
the reservation.

Check valid date to modify or cancel the reservation on each WEB site.
How many months in advance do I reserve rooms?
Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.
If you are a Richmond Club membership, reservation can be made up to seven months in advance.
I received two of the same booking confirmation emails when I reserved with my Richmond Club membership number.
If you register your different email addresses for "Mail address" and "E-mail address (mobile)" as your contract information, 
you will receive two of the same booking confirmation emails to both email addresses.
Register the same email address as your information.
Can I be on the waiting list?
Unfortunately, we can not put you on the waiting list.

Front Service

What time is check-in / Check-out ?
Check-in starts from 2:00 PM, and Check-out time is by 11:00 AM.
Can I check-in before 2:00 PM?
Early check-in is available for the extra charge of 1,000 YEN per hour starting from 11:00 AM.
However, early check-in may not be possible depending on the cleaning situation.
Please let us know in advance if checking in early.
It is possible to extend even after the check-out time?
Yes,We will accept an extension up to 2:00 PM.
The extension fee is 1,000 YEN per an hour.
What payment method are accepted?
[ Payment methods ]
*credit card: VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Union Pay
*e-money: Rakuten Edy, iD, QUICPay, Prepaid transportation card ( Suica / PASMO / ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca/ etc) 
Can your hotel keep my luggage that has been sent in advance?
When sending luggage, please make sure to write "reservation name" and "your check-in date" on the packing slip.
Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-out?
Yes. When you leave  luggage after check-out, please come back for pick up your luggage on the same day.
If you check-in again on the other day, we can also keep your luggage till the next check-in.
Can I connect to the internet?
There is free Wi-Fi throughout our hotel.
You will find Wi-Fi password at our front desk or on the TV.
Can I copy and fax?
Yes, you can. 
Copy is ¥10 with black and white and ¥50 with color per 1sheet.(free up to 9 sheets)
Fax is ¥50 in Japan and ¥100 to abroad per 1sending.
Can your hotel exchange my Foreign Currency to Japanese Yen (JPY)?
We are afraid  that we cannot do currency excange.
Instead of the service, we have prepared the information map of Currency Exchange Place at
reception desk.
I would like a document for my proof of stay.
We can issue a Proof of Stay certificate for you at the front desk.  Please let us know if you wish to receive. 
Where is the front desk?
Our front desk is on the 1st floor.

Guest Room

Do you have wheelchair-accessible rooms?
Yes, we have a Wheelchair Accessible Double Room  called the Universal Design Room.

Please request it when you book a Wheelchair Accessible Double Room.
*Universal Design Room is currently offered as non-smoking only.
Are there Japanese-style rooms, Onsen, connecting rooms and conference rooms?
Unfortunately, we do not have Japanese-style rooms, Onsen, connecting rooms and conference rooms.
Do you prepare something to drink in the refrigerator in the room?
No,we do not prepare for any bevarages in refrigerator.
As there are some vending machines in our hotel, please purchase from it.
Can you arrange my room on the high floor?
Yes, feel free to  contact us either after you have made your reservation, or send a message/an e-mail in advance,when you would like to request.
Please understand that due to the availability of rooms, we may not be able to honor your request.
Do you have a public Japanese-style bath, a meeting room, or a fitness club ?
Unfortunately, there are no those facilities.


Can I reserve a parking lot in advance?
Unfortunately, we are afraid that parking pre-booking is unacceptable. It is first-come-first-served basis.
*Parking fee is JPY 2000/ per day (from 12 PM to 12 PM of the following day).
*There are 3 places for parking. One is beside the hotel. 2 others are located in 5 minute walking distance.
*You do not necessarily park  at our parking lots,if you  would like to park other public parking lot.


Do you have baby cot?
Yes, baby cot is free for customers to use.
If you would like to use a baby cot, please contact us as soon as possible.
Please understand that we can't provide baby cot in Moderate room, Corner double room, Triple room.

Also, setting baby cot refer to the following conditions.
Condition 1:The age of 24 months or younger.
Condition 2: Your child is not be able to stand up,  walk without assistance by others, and walk by holding bar of baby cot.

More details, please feel free to contacts us.
Do you have bed guard?
Yes, bed guard is free for customers to use.
If you would like to use a bed guard, please contact us as soon as possible.

Setting bed guard refer to the following conditions.
Condition 1: Your child is 18 to 60 months of age. 
Condition 2: Your child are able to climb up and down the bed without assistance of others even after falling from bed in sleeping.
*We have had set these conditions to keep child from meeting accidents, based upon the instruction of producer.

More details,please feel feee to contact us.
Can I share the bed with my children?
One child under the age of 12 can share per bed for free.
* Basic amenities for children, such as towels and slippers are provided.
If you have children in your party, please let us know.
Do you have baby strollers?
Unfortunately, we do not have any baby strollers.
Thank you for your understanding.


Are there any laundry machines I can use?
Yes,we have 5 laundry machines located on the 5th floor, and they are useable 24 hours a day.
You can check the status on the TV in your room that once it is available for use.
How can I get to the hotel from the Tenjin Station.
After getting off at Tenjin Station , walk through the underground arcade to exit West 12C.
You will see the building with yellow sign "LOFT" on your left after coming out to the street. 
We are located in next to the "LOFT" building.
Can I connect to the internet?
There is free WiFi throughout our hotel.
Our rooms also have access for direct connection to the internet. 
There are several lend-LAN cables for guest.
More details,please ask a front desk.
Does your hotel supply any transportation service from hotel to International Airport ?
We are afraid  that we do not supply any transportation service.
Hope your understanding, cooperation and please use public transportations.
Is there a smoking area in your hotel ?
No, smoking is prohibited in public areas except for smoking rooms.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
Yes, there is a Family Mart nearby. It takes 1 minute walk from the hotel.
I've already paid for room charge. Do I need to pay anything else at your hotel?
Payment  for "Accommodation Tax" is necessary, it depends on your room charge. 

*Accommodation Tax 
Less than 22,000 yen  is need 200 yen  per person.
More than 22,000 yen is need 500 yen per person.
What time do you close?
We are open 24/7 for our valued guests. 

However, our entrance doors on the 1st floor are locked between the hours of 12 am and 6 am.
Please hold your room  card over the sensor at the entrance to unlock the doors.

There is also an intercom you can use to call the front desk, and we will unlock the doors for you.
Can you make a reservation for a restaurant, etc.
As a matter of fact we do not accept requests of reserving restaurants outside from anybody before arrival to avoid troubles with guest.
However, we do help you reserve the restaurant you would like to go during the stay. Please feel free to ask us at the reception while you are here.
We appreciate your understanding.
How to get to the hotel from Fukuoka Airport.
From Fukuoka Airport: The name of line is Kuko Line, Fukuoka Airport Line.
Please take the subway from Fukuoka Airport station at domestic terminal and get off at Tenjin station about 15 min rides.
From the Tenjin station, walk about 8 minutes to the “West 12-C” exit, where the closest exit from the hotel.

Contact us if you have any other questions