Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I miss my arrival date?
If you do not arrive at the hotel on your scheduled arrival date, cancellation policies will apply.
Check Hotel Rules page.
How can I modify or cancel a reservation?
Reservation via Phone:
Call a hotel that you have a reservation

Reservation via Official WEB Site:
Check Amend or Cancel Your reservation.

Reservation via other WEB site:
Visit the WEB site that you made a reservation and modify or cancel 
the reservation.

Check valid date to modify or cancel the reservation on each WEB site.
How many months in advance do I reserve rooms?
Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.
If you are a Richmond Club membership, reservation can be made up to seven months in advance.
I received two of the same booking confirmation emails when I reserved with my Richmond Club membership number.
If you register your different email addresses for "Mail address" and "E-mail address (mobile)" as your contract information, 
you will receive two of the same booking confirmation emails to both email addresses.
Register the same email address as your information.
Can I be on the waiting list?
Unfortunately, we can not put you on the waiting list.


Can I use credit card to make payment?
You may use the following credit cards:
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, American Express, TS CUBIC, and Orico

We also take the following payment methods:
Alipay, PayPay, QUICPay, Edy, WAON,
iD and Travel Card such as Suica and PASMO

*If you would like to pay in cash, you will need Japanese Yen.

Unfortunately, other currencies can't be accepted.
I've already paid for room charge. Will I need to pay anything else at your hotel?
You may need to pay for "Accommodation Tax" .
 ・Room charge less than 20,000 yen/night・・・Tax 200 yen/person
 ・ Room charge over 20,000 yen/night ・・・ Tax 500 yen/person    


Guest Room

Do you have complimentary Wi-Fi?
Yes, all rooms come with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.
Can I request my room to be on a high floor?
You can contact us after you have made your reservation.
Please understand that our ability to honor your request is dependent upon availability.




Front Service

Contact us if you have any other questions