Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I miss my arrival date?
If you do not arrive at the hotel on your scheduled arrival date, cancellation policies will apply.
Check Hotel Rules page.
How can I modify or cancel a reservation?
Reservation via Phone:
Call a hotel that you have a reservation
Reservation via Official WEB Site:
Reservation via other WEB site:
Visit the WEB site that you made a reservation and modify or cancel 
the reservation.
Check valid date to modify or cancel the reservation on each WEB site.
How many months in advance do I reserve rooms?
Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.
If you are a Richmond Club membership, reservation can be made up to seven months in advance.
I received two of the same booking confirmation emails when I reserved with my Richmond Club membership number.
If you register your different email addresses for "Mail address" and "E-mail address (mobile)" as your contract information, 
you will receive two of the same booking confirmation emails to both email addresses.
Register the same email address as your information.
Can I be on the waiting list?
Unfortunately, we can not put you on the waiting list.
What time check-in checkout?
A. The check-in does and 14 o'clock the checkout is 11 up to o'clock.
Even if the checkout time is passed, can you extend?
we will receive the extension until 14 o'clock. The extension charge is 1,000 yen an hour.
Can I leave a luggage before check-in and after check-out?
We will keep it. Please feel free to the reception desk to tell us.
I want to send luggage beforehand ・・・
Please send the luggage to the following address.
850-0901 6-38,Motoshikkuimachi,Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
Richmond hotel NagasakiShianbashi
TEL +81-095-832-2525  IP-T +81-050-5548-3717  FAX +81-095-832-2526
- Sorry to trouble you, but please fill in the staying day and the staying name (full name) on the slip.
Can the credit card be used?
 It is possible to use it by the one of the following credit card companies. American Express/UC card/Toyota JCB/credit/Diner's/DC card/VISA/UFJ card
Is there cleaning service?
 It accepts in the reception desk.  If it is possible to put it out by ten o'clock, it is finish around 17 o'clock on the evening of that day. It takes a rest on Sunday.
Are the copy and the fax possible?
The copy is ten yen a black and white, and the fax is received for 50 yen a transmission (Foreign countries are 100 yen a transmission).
Parking fees?
It is 1000 yen a night stay. (Charge by one night stay until 14 o'clock - o'clock of 12 of the next day. )
After it checks it out, can the parking lot be used before the check-in?
The parking lot at the hotel can usually be used until 14 o'clock - o'clock of 12 of the next day. It is possible to use it for 200 yen an hour when there is becoming empty in the parking lot.
Is putting the car in and out possible?
In the parking lot at the hotel, putting in and out is free for 24 hours. However, please acknowledge that the charge will be generated at the time of putting in and out when you use the tie-up parking lot.
Can a large car be parked?
The parking lot at the hotel is a multistory parking garage. The vehicle limitation is as follows. 12 total length 5.0M width 1.85M total height 2.0M ground clearance 50CM Please use the tie-up parking lot when you cannot use the multistory parking garage.
Has the parking lot been reserved?
Unfortunately, it is first-come-first-served basis because it doesn't receive the reservation of the parking lot. In the full car, I will guide the tie-up parking lot.
Can the motorcycle park?
 It receives it for 500 yen a night stay. There in the number, and contact me, please beforehand.
Can the Internet be done in the room?
It is possible to use it ..a free all rooms it...
Is there lending LAN cable?
It puts it in preparation for all rooms. We will prepare it in drawing out the desk.
Are there a Japanese-style room, a large bUnfortunately, athroom, and a conference room?
Unfortunately, it is not in our hotel.
Are there a vending machine and a microwave oven?
The vending machine is the fourth floor, the seventh floor, and has the microwave oven in the vending machine corner of the seventh floor.
Is there a launderette?
There are in the tenth floor, it cost 500 yen one time (The detergent is turned on automatically),.
Is there a room service?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use it at our hotel.
Can the child lie?
The child's below grade-schooler lying is free. (Lying : up to one person about one bed. ). If it is possible to report beforehand, I will prepare the towel and pajamas for children.
Is there a crib?
We will be preparing it. It numbers is limited, and contact me, please beforehand.
Is it ..receipt that adds up the meal fee of ""Noctilucence cup"" of the room charge and the first floor.. issuable?
Please have the receipt of the noctilucence cup to the reception desk or offer the room putting of the meal fee in the noctilucence cup if you hope for the addition receipt of the room charge and the meal fee.
Is the receipt of the VOD card issuable?
When buying it by the VOD card vending machine that exists on the guest room floor, it is not possible to be able to issue it.
Is the receipt of the cleaning and the takkyubin(home delivery service) issuable?
It is possible to issue it. Please offer when you pay in the reception desk.

Contact us if you have any other questions