Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I miss my arrival date?
If you do not arrive at the hotel on your scheduled arrival date, cancellation policies will apply.
Check Hotel Rules page.
How can I modify or cancel a reservation?
Reservation via Phone:
Call a hotel that you have a reservation
Reservation via Official WEB Site:
Reservation via other WEB site:
Visit the WEB site that you made a reservation and modify or cancel 
the reservation.
Check valid date to modify or cancel the reservation on each WEB site.
How many months in advance do I reserve rooms?
Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.
If you are a Richmond Club membership, reservation can be made up to seven months in advance.
I received two of the same booking confirmation emails when I reserved with my Richmond Club membership number.
If you register your different email addresses for "Mail address" and "E-mail address (mobile)" as your contract information, 
you will receive two of the same booking confirmation emails to both email addresses.
Register the same email address as your information.
Can I be on the waiting list?
Unfortunately, we can not put you on the waiting list.

Front Service

Where can I find the front desk?
Our front desk is located on the 5th floor. Please take the elevator after entering through the entrance on the 1st floor.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Our check-in time is from 2PM. Early check-in begins from 11AM at a charge of 1000 JPY per hour.
Check-out is by 11AM. Late check-out is until 2PM at a charge of 1000 JPY per hour.
*For those who have a Richmond Club Member’s Card, check out is until 12PM. Our Richmond Club membership is free to join and has no annual fees.
Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-out?
Yes, you may leave your luggage with us at the front desk on the 5th floor both before check-in and after check-out. When leaving luggage after check-out, please come back for your luggage on the same day. If you have another reservation with us some time after your check-out date, you may leave your luggage with us until your next check-in.  
Can I use my credit card for payment?
Yes. However, please understand we are unable to divide the payment onto different credit cards. 
We also accept Union Pay. 
What time do you close?
We are open 24 hours.
We also have staff at the front desk 24 hours a day, however our entrance doors on the 1st floor are locked between the hours of 12AM and 6AM.
Please touch your room key to the sensor at the entrance to unlock the doors. 
There is also an intercom you can use to call the front desk, and we will unlock the doors for you. 
I would like to pay in advance.
We can accept payment in advance for customers who arrive at our hotel before their check-in date. 
We also accept payment via bank transfer, so please contact us beforehand. 
We also accept advance payment plans where payment is made by credit card. 
Can I send my luggage through postal service before my check-in date?
Yes, we can accept your luggage before your check-in date. 
Please write your reservation name (in English), the date of your check-in, and your contact information. 
Please send your luggage to the following address:

Tokyo-to, Sumida-ku, Oshiage 1-10-3
Phone Number: 03-5819-0131

*We do not accept 'cash-on-delivery' luggages. 
*Please contact your postal service company for inforamtion regarding prices and shipping.
Can I send my luggage from your hotel?
Yes, you may. 
There is a postal service form inside your room. Please fill out the form, and bring it to our front desk. 
We also have cardboard boxes and plastic covers for your luggage available at the front desk. 
Do you have a laptop rental service?
Yes. We rent out laptops for 800 JPY per day. 
Our stock is limited, so we may not be able to rent out to everyone. 
Thank you for your undertsanding. 
Do you have a laundry service?
Yes. We can accept your laundry at the front desk. 
If your laundry was received bofere 12:00 PM,
you will receive them back after 5 pm of the next day.
Please note Wedneddays, Sundays and National holidays are closed.
You can not received your laundry back on the above days.
We also have coin laundry machines available on the 6th floor. 


Is there parking at the hotel?
While there is not a parking garage private to our hotel, there is a parking garage located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the same building. 
Please feel free to use it. 
How much does it cost to use the parking garage?
From 8AM to 10PM, the charge is 300 JPY for 30 minutes. 
From 10PM to 8AM, the charge is 110 JPY for 60 minutes. 
The maximum charge during weekdays is 1430 JPY (until 12AM)

For guests staying with us, the charge is 1500 JPY per night. (Until the time of check-out)
Please bring your parking garage ticket to the front desk. 
Where is the parking garage?
It is located on the 3rd and 4th floor. 
You can find the entrance on the first floor next to the supermarket, Life. 
Can I reserve a parking space?
We are very sorry. Because it is not our private parking garage, reservations cannot be made. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
Is the parking garage often full?
Since there are customers who shop at the supermarket on the 1st floor, and customers who shop at the home center on the 2nd floor during the day, weekends, and consecutive holidays, there are times when the parking garage becomes full. 
If the garage is full upon your arrival, we ask that you please wait until the next parking space becomes available. 
Can I park my vehicle in the parking garage before check-in and after check-out?
If you park your vehicle on the day of your reservation before check-in, the charge of 1500 JPY per day will still apply. 
However, we are unable to apply this charge if you leave your vehicle after check-out. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you would like to leave your vehicle after checking out, we ask that you please exit the parking garage and enter again once more. 
I don't have a reservation, but I would like to use the parking garage to eat at your restaurant.
We are very sorry. 
For customers who wish to only eat at our restaurant, the normal parking garage charges will apply. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
Can I park a vehicle with a high roof?
The maximum dimentions of vehicles which can use the parking garage are as follows: 

Height: 2.1 meters
Length: 5 meters
Width: 1.9 meters
Weight: 2.5 tons 

Room Facilities

Please place me on a high floor.
You can contact us either after you have made your reservation, or you can select 'high floor' in your request at the time of reservation. 
Please understand that due to the availability of rooms, we may not be able to honor your request. 
Do you have any rooms which provide a view of the Sky Tree?
We are very sorry. 
We do not have rooms with a clear view of the Sky Tree. 
You are able to see half of the Sky Tree from our Premier Twin rooms, but we are unable to fulfill this request for other rooms. 
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 
Do you have any smoking rooms?
All of our rooms at Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage are non-smoking rooms. 
There is a smoking space located in our lobby on the 5th floor which you are welcome to use. 
Do you have connecting rooms?
Only our Superior Twin rooms can be connected. 
For customers who wish to have connecting rooms, please contact us in addition to making your reservation for 2 Superior Twin rooms. 
Please contact us quickly, as the number of connecting rooms we have is limited. 
And please understand that due to availability, we may not be able to honor your request.
Are there mobile phone chargers inside the room?
Yes, there are mobile chargers in all of our rooms. 
We also have outlet adapters available at our front desk.
*Please understand that chargers may not be compatible with all models of mobile phones. 
What kind of amenities do you have available for women?
We have plenty of amenities available for women at our front desk which you are free to take at anytime. 
We have face wash, cleansing oil, facial lotion, facial milk, bath salts, shower caps, hair ties, and cotton sets available. 
Can I connect to the internet?
There is free WiFi throughout our hotel.
Our rooms also have access for direct connection to the internet. 
Please use the LAN cable provided in your room. 
Please tell me what amenities are available inside your rooms.
There are bath towels, face towels, toothbrushes, mouth wash, razors, hair brushes, hair dryers, pajamas, and body towels available inside your room. 
Inside the bathroom, there is shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. 
Our shampoo can be used in your hair, on your face, and on your body as it is an all-in-one shampoo. 
Do you have any audio visual devices for rent?
We do have DVD players available (these can also be used to play Blu-Ray disks). 
Our stock is limited, so please let us know if you would like to rent one at the time of reservation. 
What's a 'Handy Smartphone'?
It is a free rental smartphone which is available in all of our guest rooms with a variety of services.
  • Free, unlimited calls to any number in Japan
  • Free calls to select foreign countries
  • Free, unlimited access to internet
  • Settings in a number of languages
  • Access to navigation applications
  • Travel information
  • LUXOS city guide
  • The function to delete all search data
Our Handy Smartphone is very useful for travelers and free to use.


Where is the hotel restaurant?
Our restaurant, Sizzler, is located on the 5th floor. 
Customers not staying with us can also dine here. 
Please come through the entrance on the 1st floor, and take the elevator to the 5th floor. 
What time is breakfast served?
Breakfast is served from 6:30AM to 10:30AM.
Last order is at 10AM. 
Please tell me how much breakfast costs.
The prices listed below are for customers staying with us. 

Adults (including children over 12 years)  2000
Children 6 - 12 years  1000
Children under 6 years  Free

If you would like to eat breakfast, you will need to purchase a breakfast ticket which can be purchased at our front desk. 
Do you have room service?
We are very sorry, but we do not have room service. 
Do you have any facilities such as a gym or pool?
We are very sorry, but we do not have a gym, pool, hot spring, or bar. 
Thank you for your understanding. 


About our Children's Sleep Set
Children ages 12 and under can stay for free so long as 1 child shares a bed with 1 adult. 

If you have children in your party, please let us know. 
What amenities do you have for children?
There are toothbrushes, bath sponges, and slippers which will be given to you upon check-in. 

Our children's pajamas consist of a gown which is 120 centimeters in length. 

If you would like to recieve these ameneities for your child, please let us know. 
Do you have baby beds?
Yes, baby beds are free for customers to use. 
Please understand that we cannot provide baby beds in Single Rooms, Double Rooms, or Twin rooms with 4 beds prepared inside. 
We also cannot provide baby beds to children who are old enough to pull themselves up over the bars. 

Our stock of baby beds is limited. If you would like to use a baby bed, please contact us as soon as possible. 
Do you have bed guards?
We are very sorry, but we do not have bed guards.

For customers who reserve one of our Superior Twin Rooms, we can push the beds together (We call this 'Hollywood Style'). 
We can also prepare the beds along the wall for you. 
Please let us know at the time of your reservation. 
Do you have baby strollers?
We are very sorry, but we do not have baby strollers. 
Thank you for your understanding. 


Please tell me how to get to the hotel from Oshiage Station.
Please exit through the B3 exit at Oshiage Station. Our hotel is located on the right side of the Central Square Oshiage Ekimae, and our front desk is located on the 5th floor. 
If you are lost, or unsure of directions, please contact us at 
Is there a convenience store nearby?
There is a Family Mart about a 1 minute walk from the hotel when you exit through the 1st floor. 
Do you have any presents for special surprises?
We are very sorry, but we do not have presents we can give. 
If you have something you would like us to set up in your room for you before your arrival, we will be happy to do so. 
For customers who wish to receive something special, we can prepare a message card from all of us here at Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage.

Plese feel free to inquire. 
I would like a document for my proof of stay.
We can prepare a Proof of Stay certificate for you at the front desk. 
Please let us know if you wish to receive one. 
Can I have a receipt for my stay?
You will receive a receipt when you pay using our atutomated payment machine. 
You can also change the name on the receipt. 
Feel free to inquire at anytime. 
I lost my receipt.
We can make a new reciept for you at the front desk. 
Please do not hesitate to let us know. 
Are there any laundry machines I can use?
We have 12 laundry machines located on the 6th floor, and they are available for use 24 hours a day. 
You can check which machines are available using the television inside your room. 

Standard Course (Wash & Dry)  400
Light Course (Wash & Dry)  300
Wash Course (Wash only)  200
Dry Course (Dry only)  100 per 30 minutes

Contact us if you have any other questions